Mad Mike Hughes Dies In His Latest Launch Attempt To Prove That The Earth Is Flat

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‘Mad Mike’ Hughes’s braveness and innovation found its end once with his latest attempt of launching a homemade rocket on Saturday. Hughes also nicknamed the ‘Daredevil’ couldn’t survive, and now people who believe that the Earth is flat lost a truth-seeking hero. His aim was to prove that Flat-earthers’ theories are accurate. His curiosity and killed Hughes at 64 when.

‘Mad Mike’ Hughes attempted to liftoff 5,000 feet into the atmosphere from a place close to Barstow, California, in a rocket he developed with his partner and pal Waldo Stakes. The Science Channel, which was shooting the liftoff try as part of the upcoming docu-series “Homemade Astronauts,” announced Hughes’ death on

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this difficult time. It was always his dream to do this launch, and Science was there to chronicle his journey,” reads The Science Channel’s full statement.

Mad Mike Hughes, the popular Flat-earther, dies in his latest liftoff with a homemade rocket

Moreover, the San Bernadino County Sheriff’s office responded to the disastrous rocket collision off Highway 247 in Barstow, according to CNN. NBC News declared that the liftoff occurred at the private property in Barstow. The Sheriff’s Office did not classify Hughes in a report, stating only that authorities had pronounced a person dead at the scene of the rocket wreck, CNN replied.

Hughes has regularly attempted to launch many homemade rockets and succeeded back in 2019 to lift one. During that effort, which struck the most significant extent of 1,875 feet, Hughes got his vertebrae injured, but still tried to thrust even higher.

A faulty water heater stopped attempts to liftoff this new steam rocket back in the summer of 2019. Hughes stated in the past that he believed the Earth was flat. His goals were to find out the Earth’s curvature. ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes was only a daredevil, pushing all the limits to prove his ideas.

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