How To Fight Back The Coronavirus Pandemic, Psychologically Speaking

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Courtesy, consideration, care, community, and compassion can combat the coronavirus pandemic, as per psychologists. Anxiety, fear, panic, paranoia, and antisocial behavior are the direct consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. An epidemic isn’t just about physical health, but also psychological.

At some point, the pandemic will get to an end, like all other pandemics. But where will society be at that time? Community is a concept. It exists only because the majority of its members agree with it.

When the number of those not agreeing with it overcomes the amount of the ones complying, society turns to chaos. Society suffers from an identity disorder, just like the individual does. It will get back on its conceptual feet, but it will have been changed.

What the changes in our society will be once the pandemic is over, is up to us, the individuals. And we have to keep remembering that we are responsible for that change and we can make good change happen, instead of the devastating kind.

The methods to fight back the coronavirus pandemic as a society, community

We want to survive, but survival isn’t everything. Is how we survive that matters the most. Those five C-words are essential for the healing process. It will be important to remember about ourselves that in this time of need, we were courteous, considerate, caring, and compassionate. That kept us a part of our community, not just individually fighting to survive.

Joking, although it might be an excellent defensive mechanism that might keep us away from becoming depressed, can feel malignant for those that can’t afford to joke.

Doctors, infected patients, the sellers from the supermarket, the elders who are the most exposed social category, might not find your jokes to be funny. They are exposed, fragile, and some of them are keeping you safe. Try to be courteous, considerate, caring, and compassionate with them, not cool.

Be a good citizen, comply with the recommendations, and you might feel that anxiety, fear, panic, and paranoia are very social concepts also. They edulcorate when you behave like a social human being and not like a prisoner trapped in an antisocial behavior net.

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