Here’s What to Look for In an Advanced GPS Tracker

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GPS trackers designed with advanced systems hold great importance in today’s time to ensure road and personal safety. Several companies are investing their resources in bringing advanced, telematics, IoT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled GPS trackers. Such revolutionary innovations offered by GPS trackers have completely transformed the old ways and inhibitions of having or driving a car, especially during late-night travels.

There is a variety of GPS trackers available in the market for both commercial purposes and personal use. Here are some key features you need to look for when purchasing an advanced GPS tracker:

  1. Route Playback

You can stay in touch with your car, even when you are miles away. The next-generation GPS trackers have the dashcam feature. It provides you with innovative tracking and monitoring solutions, like statistic reports, real-time GPS locations and route playbacks. For instance, if you have a chauffeur, and he uses your car for his activities, you will be able to check through their activities via the dashcam. The camera records everything, and you can further watch the trips made with the help of route playback feature.

  1. Real-Time Intelligent Alerts

The most advanced GPS trackers send out real-time alerts on your smartphone, such as noise level alert, impact detection, AC-on alert, and so forth. This feature of a GPS tracker allows you, as the device owner, to monitor your vehicle as well as your chauffeur’s behaviour through AI-based alerts. This feature of a GPS tracker sends actionable notifications like the following to your phone:

  • Unknown Driver Detection
  • Power Cable Removed
  • Engine Idling
  • Reboot Attempt

On receiving the warnings, you can take the necessary steps to safeguard your vehicle.

  1. Monitors Driving Patterns

A smart GPS Tracker acts as a strong deterrent against frequently faced driving issues. The functionalities of advanced GPS tracker provide features that monitor undisciplined behaviours like over speeding or taking the car out of your pre-defined location. In your absence, your chauffeur may get involved in reckless actions like ferrying unknown passengers for quick money. Constant monitoring via your GPS tracking device discourages such behaviour as the driver would be aware that you will know about his whereabouts. One such trustworthy GPS tracker from KENT-CamEye is integrated with a dual camera, which shows both the inside and outside the car.

  1. Time-Lapse Video Recording on Cloud

When you safeguard your vehicle with an advanced GPS tracking device, you can keep an eye on your car and loved ones, all the time. Advanced GPS trackers like the one mentioned above enable live streaming and record everything on the cloud. You can further download the recordings on your phone. This feature of an advanced GPS tracker allows you to do the following to safeguard your vehicle:

  • Streams live videos, be it in motion or parked.
  • Records audio and video and uploads it to secure cloud storage on a real-time basis.

Choose A Reliable Security Partner

We all know how precious a vehicle can be. Therefore, by selecting an advanced state of the art GPS tracker, you are not only investing in keeping it safe, preserving its performance, but also boosting its durability. This investment would yield good returns along with a lucrative interest and a smooth, safe and efficient ride, of course!

Make use of a reliable and trusted GPS tracker from brands like KENT-CamEye, who are renowned and trusted by many. They provide high-end features like vehicle tracking, live streaming, two-way calling feature and much more. It is made in India, and you can buy it online on Amazon India. It offers you the ease of getting a free demo trial, so book it now and witness the virtuosity of this advanced GPS tracker.

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