Three Asteroids To Pass Next To Earth Today

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Three asteroids heading towards our planet have been recently spotted. NASA is stating that all of them have Earth-inserting orbits. Even though they are passing our world at a small distance, the asteroids will not harm the Earth.

The first asteroid is scheduled to fly past Earth today. Its name is 2020 FM5 and has an approximate diameter of 36, as NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) has already indicated in their database. The asteroid has approached Earth at 4:18 am, having a speed of 12.000 miles per hour. CNEOS has stated that the asteroid has been passing Earth from a distance of 1.3 million miles away.

The second space rock spotted by NASA is the 2020 FT5 measuring about 125 feet wide. This asteroid is traveling from the Sollar System with the direction of Earth at a speed of almost 30.000 miles per hour. CNEOS determined that the asteroid passed by Earth today one hour after 2020 FM5. The asteroid was 2.3 million miles away from our planet.

The three asteroids won’t threaten the Earth

During the same day, the third asteroid will approach Earth at 5:24 pm. Its name is 2020 FZ2, and it is the most prominent asteroid from all of the three. Additionally, it will fly past Earth at an extremely high speed of almost 50.000 million miles per hour, being situated 3.3 million miles away from the planet’s center. To better picture its dimensions, the asteroid gas a diameter of 187 feet, being just a bit taller than the Leaning Tower of Pisa from Italy.

The first one of the three asteroids was classified by NASA as a component of Aten space rocks, while the other two are included in the category of Apollo asteroids. These two categories of asteroids are completing their journey to the Sun. Sometimes, the Earth is situated in their path, and this is why they are spotted so close to our planet.

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