Mysterious X-Ray Signals And The Link To Dark Matter, According To New Research

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Dark matter is still a mystery for everybody, even though years of research have already been one. New research is demonstrating that the dark matter is producing strange x-rays, contradicting what was stated up until now. The common belief suggested that the mysterious x-rays were emanated by galaxies situated in the vicinity of Milky Way.

The dark matter is the portion on the Milky Way that is invisible to any special equipment. The scientists have determined its amount by calculating the rapport of distant objects and their gravity with the dark Matter. However, it is said that dark matter might be five or even six times more significant than what we already know.

X-ray signals and the dark matter

An „unidentified” x-ray signal was spotted by scientists in 2014. At that time, they thought that the x-ray emissions were part of distant galaxies and galaxy clusters. However, a recent study has determined that this inexplicable phenomenon could be explained by the use of dark matter, although there is not sufficient information to confirm this theory.

At that time, Esra Bulbul and its astrophysicist team from Harvard Center for Astrophysics have spotted an unidentified x-ray emission. Supporting this discovery, the researchers’ team led by Alexey Boyarskyy from Leiden University has underlined that the exact amount of x-ray radiation was being spread by Andromeda Galaxy. This emission is the base of tens of analysis and is called the 3.5 keV unidentified x-ray signal.

Follow-up research realized by a team of astronomers from the University of Michigan and the University of California has made a connection between 752 blank-sky data research. Their study was composed of 30 million observing seconds using the XMM-Newton space telescope. They concluded that there is no line of dark matter, underlining that its presence should have been noticed until now, especially when such extensive research is being done.

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