Healthy Diet Can Help You Cope With The Isolation Due To Coronavirus

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Healthy Diet

Staying at home and doing everything in the same space is the provocation of the century. We forgot what is like if we ever knew it. We used to live in a world where one could buy a ticket to whatever capital and fly there on the same day. Now, you find yourself in a small world made of just a few rooms. You sleep there, and you work there, you entertain yourself there, you eat there. But, a healthy diet can help you cope with the isolation due to coronavirus.

Eating becomes one of the few things that make us feel good, as it produces brain endorphins. And that’s the mechanism that might take us on the way to excess. We must not surrender because, in the long run, we’ll end up feeling depressed about our looks, our health, and lack of power on ourselves.

Cope with the coronavirus isolation with a healthy diet

Hide the snacks

It might sound childish, but the things we do to fool children can work for us, adults, too. When you go to the grocery store, don’t buy all the snacks you crave for. Just like you would tell a chile that he has to choose only one, do the same for you. Then, don’t let them in your way. Put them in the pantry, or on the back of a shelf. It will be hard to hold back when carving hits you, so don’t indulge yourself meanwhile. You know it very well: when you see it, you eat it.

Lighten your recipes

If you are one, the ones blessed with the gift of cooking don’t mare it into a curse. Shift whatever you can. Flour with whole grain flour, rice with cauliflower rice, potatoes with any other vegetable, pasta-and-meat with pasta-and-vegetables.

Track your calories

The necessary calories for a sedentary life-style are way lesser than the former one when you would walk, climb stairs, go from an office to the other every day. If you are a female, 1200-1400 calories a day is enough. For a male, 1800-2000 would do. Don’t obsess over counting, as the thought on calories is close to the idea about what’s in the fridge, and you might find yourself indulging with a snack. Keep it professional.

Drink herbal tea

Making and drinking tea is a relaxing ritual. Not for nothing, the Chinese had schools training young women to prepare and serve it. It gives you the reason to get up from your chair and move a little, to hydrate and put some natural medicine in your system. Herbal teas are filled with antioxidants and substances that endorse your immunity system. Just don’t add sugar in it!

Prepare your lunch

Make it a ritual to prepare yourself your lunch in the evening for the next day, if you have to get up very early. If not, do it before you start working. Don’t allow yourself to get stuffed with sandwiches, or whatever leftovers that will send you back to snacks.

Try to create rituals for yourself. All the great explorers relied on eating routines to make it wherever it was they were going. Imagine you are one — an explorer. Or, if you feel it more like an exile, think about Robinson Crusoe. And don’t forget that a healthy diet is useful anytime, not only during this coronavirus isolation.

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