COVID-19 — The Measures Applied By China Show Positivity Against The Deadly Coronavirus

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The numbers are speaking: Coronavirus has infected over 780.000 people around the world. COVID-19 has already produced more than 37.000 deaths and all this fight against it seems to be hopeless. In spite of the pessimistic view, the news is presenting to us, a researchers’ team from Harvard University has underlined a few positive overviews regarding the ongoing pandemic, as per Express UK.

The deadly COVID-19 originates from the markets of Wuhan, China. It started alarmingly spreading last year in December, China had approximately 80.000 cases of the worldwide total. Recently, the number of people infected with the virus has tremendously decreased.

For the first time since the pandemic appeared, the province in China has reported no new locals affected with COVID-19. The Harvard faculty editor, Robert Shmerling, indicates that the only new cases were the result of tourists coming in the specific area.

COVID-19 Affects The Elders, Mostly

This statement brings positivity and shows that the measures that China applied might turn out to be highly efficient. Even though the actions taken on the population were harsh, they suggest that these efforts to stop the spreading of the virus were more than sufficient. However, constraints such as aggressive diagnostic testing and strict lockdown may not be accepted by other democratic communities.

Furthermore, the numbers are demonstrating that the most people that contract the virus are likely to recover painlessly from the disease. The death rate of COVID-19 is only 1%, compared to its precedent, the SARS whose death rate was 11%. The most affected category is represented by people who are over 80 years old. About 15% of the cases at this age ended, unfortunately, with death.

Additionally, staying isolated at home in this day and age is not as impossible as it may seem. With the internet and modern technology, it is effortless to feel connected to your loved ones. As an encouragement, this period will eventually pass and the world will be a more prepared place because of this experience.

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