New Coronavirus Cure Involves Plasma From Recovered Patients

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Coronavirus Cure

All over the world, scientists are trying to find a way out from the nightmare we’re all living. Malarial treatment. HIV treatment. Antiviral agents and methylprednisolone. Although they help, they don’t give reason to be a panacea. But there’s still hope against the coronavirus, according to Fox News.

Five critical coronavirus patients in Shenzhen, China, were given an experimental treatment consisting of plasma extracted from the blood of formerly COVID-19 infected patients. Those recovering from the infection have a performant immune system that can fight the disease.

Extracting the neutralizing antibody from their blood and administering to other infected patients that don’t answer any other treatment is a practice that scientists used during the SARS epidemic back in 2002-2004.

The possible coronavirus cure

Three of the five severe coronavirus patients responded to the treatment and were taken off the ventilators within two weeks. After the first two days of treatment, their temperatures went down to normal.

Their acute respiratory issues decreased after another ten days, which led to being able to breathe on their own, without artificial help. They were discharged. The other two patients weren’t as lucky, but they are also stable, with one of them also breathing on his own, but not yet discharged.

The outbreak has reached a critical number of 684,000 worldwide diagnosed cases, and more than 124,000 of them are in the U.S. The New York state governor Andrew Cuomo declared in a press conference that the New York State Department of Health with the help of New York’s best health care agencies will also start a therapy trial with convalescent plasma the next week.

“There have been trials that show when a person is injected with the antibodies, that then stimulates them for most of their immune system against the disease,” said the governor trying to give reason to the decision to use plasma to cure coronavirus.

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