New Paper Related to the Milky Way Sparks Heated Debates

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A new study argues that an X-ray glow that has been tied to the presence of dark matter is missing from the Milky Way but present in other galaxies. If the glow is actually missing, the fact would be a great counter against the aa theory that argues that dark matter consists of sterile neutrinos. Sterile neutrinos are a specific type of faint subatomic neutrinos, but their existence remains questionable.

The team of researchers who conducted the study employed a different research method in comparison to the ones used in the past, which is already a big red flag from some members in the scientific community, a view that has been reinforced by one of the scientists who contributed to the study and who mentioned that it is natural to doubt a new method when older ones have failed to deliver comprehensive results.

Dark matter enigmas in the Milky Way

Dark matter has been a controversial subject from the start, and there are many questions related to it. It is well-known that it actually exists since scientists have observed its gravitational pull among galaxies since stars and gases aren’t strong enough to bind galaxies alone.

Astrophysicists argue that halos of dark matter provide the missing weight while also representing up to 85% of the mass that can be encountered in the universe. However, the biggest mystery is represented by the exact nature of dark matter and its components.

Some favor the existence of heavy particles that are known under the name of WIMPS, while others favor axions. There are also several theories that explore the possible existence of an abundance of small black holes that cannot be traced with the help of current technology. The simplest theory involves special neutrinos which release a specific glow while decaying, with the study stating that this glow cannot be identified in the Milky Way. More data can be found in the paper, which was published in a scientific journal.

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