Small Asteroid Happened to Pass Earth’s Orbit Yesterday

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Researchers have announced that a recently discovered asteroid is expected to pass by our planet during the upcoming week. The newly rising asteroid is part of the Apollo category, which automatically implies that its orbit is designed to interfere with Earth’s orbit. This is what makes this type of asteroid very dangerous to our planet because there is always the possibility that the asteroid may collide with Earth’s atmosphere, producing irrefutable consequences to the environment.

The recently spotted asteroid, 2020 GH2, is thankfully peaceful and no danger of collision has been reported until now. The asteroid is scheduled to orbit in the vicinity of our planet today, being around 360.000 kilometers away from Earth’s atmosphere. The asteroid was measured by the NASA’s Asteroid Watch program, which has identified a width of 98 feet.

Asteroid Happened to Pass Earth’s Orbit Yesterday

The astronomers managed to spot the asteroid for the first time on the 11th of April. Researchers from all over the world working in observatories such as Germany (Karl Schwarzschild), Czech Republic (KLET Observatory), Arizona (Steward Observatory) or Massachusetts (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) have confirmed the recently published data about the 2020 GH2.

The evolution and formation of asteroids have always been an exciting subject to study for the scientists. It is commonly believed that the belt of asteroids that is currently orbiting around the Sun, being positioned in a belt between Mars and Jupiter played an important role in our ecosystem. The researchers are stating that the Earth may have suffered several collisions with asteroids that had an impressive impact on its evolution.

As far as the today’s event is concerned, the skywatchers will not be able to see the asteroid passing Earth’s orbit with the bare eye, given its tiny construction. At 11:46 am GMT, the asteroid is scheduled to fly past our planet.

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