Stonehenge Is An Ancient LEGO Set, Scientists Say

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English Heritage Stonehenge, the institution responsible for the preservation of the iconic landmark, claims that some parts of Stonehenge can be perceived as an ancient LEGO set.

The statement was made on a social media platform, with the official English Heritage Stonehenge account sharing an image that showcases the top section of one of the stones. Protuberances similar to the ones found on LEGO bricks can be observed, a fact which made the post viral in a few hours.

So many people were fascinated by the post that even the official LEGO account joined the discussion, sharing the initial post along with a funny caption that mentioned that this is the place where it all began.

Stonehenge might be an ancient LEGO set

Stonehenge has remained an important topic for many historians, and new theories related to the landmark continue to surface. A team of researchers argued in 2018 that the site might have been constructed with methods that made use of the theorem developed by Pythagoras more than two thousand years later.

A smaller monument was constructed at first more than 8,000 years ago. Further research revealed that the first version of the modern monument was built in 3,100 BC in the form of a circular bank and ditch enclosure. More than 1,500 years were spent on the refinement of the monument, with several phases being observed.

For example, phase 3 II took place between 2600 BC to 2400 BC and involved the use of 30 sarsen stones, which were brought to the site. It is estimated that it had a height of approximately 4.1 meters and a weight of 25 tones. The sheer ability to transport them to the site is an impressive achievement, especially since the workers only had primitive tools at their disposal.

UNESCO has classified the Stonehenge site as one of the most famous World Heritage sites in the world, and a large number of tourists visit the location each year.

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