A Potential Extra Pandemic to Occur: Specialists’ Opinion Regarding the Alcohol Consumption Nowadays?

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A new study is focusing on people’s behavior during the lockdown measures taken by the government. The researchers have discovered that people are more likely to resume consuming alcohol during the isolation period. People’s primary objective is to make the time pass more natural and faster, while unconsciously generating a spike in alcoholism.

Boredom, anxiety, or stress are the most encountered feelings while forced to stay isolated. Nielson has reported that since the social distancing measures have occurred, the alcohol sales have tremendously increased by 291%. The most alarming thing is that more and more people could become addict, while those trying to heal are more prone to go back to their old habits.

The World Health Organization declared that the alcohol consumption during this period should be limited by the government. Dr. Matt Parker, working at the University of Portsmouth, stated that the effects of extensive use of alcohol on a global scale are still uncertain and difficult to determine. Three million deaths are caused annually because of alcohol misuse.

This spike in alcohol misuse might become a burden for the medical system since more and more people will be likely to ask for medical help in this situation. Therefore, Dr. Parker and his team of researchers have decided to create a survey, in order to understand better people’s drinking habits during this period and to determine the risk of a future alcohol pandemic.

The survey is updated weekly, the individuals being asked to report their alcohol consumption, as well as their emotional status. The way everyone deals with being locked in a house away from friends and family or without a job is different from individual to individual. The survey has proved to be a success up until now, since the researchers managed to get data from all over the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.


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