Whales Will Still Head Towards Canada Coastlines, But Tourism Companies Won’t Sell Tickets

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During the summer, whales will go to Newfoundland and the Labrador Peninsula, but it seems that they wish to see them in action has vanished in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic as tourists continue to cancel tours.

The situation is particularly dire, especially for tourism companies that focus solely on whale watching. A couple who owns such a company already worries about the financial well-being during the following months as many factors remain elusive for now.

They will return to Newfoundland in May, a month when whale watching events are already problematic since there is no way to predict when the creatures will be visible or the presence of icebergs that may complicate any venture on the open sea.

Tourism companies worry as clients cancel whale watching tour bookings

It is already clear that June will be a rough month as social isolation measures coupled with the natural fear related to the spread of the virus have led to mass cancellations, especially from large travel groups. Bookings for July and August have remained unaffected for now, a ray of sunshine on a sky that continues to darken rapidly.

A statement released by local health authorities mentions that the Newfoundland and Labrador regions will be affected by the virus for up to two years. The current social distancing rules may be relaxed at some point in the future, but it is unlikely that people may be willing to risk their health for fun outdoor activities.

Many businesses that are present near the coastal areas rely on tourists to survive, and if they don’t come to the consequences could be quite dire as employees will lose their jobs, and some business will be shut down.

As new coronavirus continues to surface across the world, it is likely that the pandemic will persist for the following months, affecting tourism on global scales people will continue to cancel their plans.

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