US Space Force Might Have Revealed a Huge Secret Military Test

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An unknown NASA experiment has finally been solved after a decade of conspiracy theories and beliefs. US Space Force was the one who unveiled the top-secret mission if its uncrewed X-37B spacecraft. The X-37B has led some of the craziest rumors for almost a decade, following its mysterious missions into space.

Up there, the spaceship orbited the Earth for an extended period, and nothing else had been said. The shadowy space vehicle’s mission to date has stayed classified, with the US Space Force even covering all other details. However, we might get the chance to take a glimpse into X-37B’s tasks thanks to the US Air & Space Force.

US Space Force Might Have Revealed a Huge Secret Military Test

The mysterious X-37B is getting ready for a new mission on May 16. The spacecraft will research microwave energy and space radiation, according to the US Military. It will also perform a series of intriguing tests that scientists think could eventually let drones to stay up continually anywhere in the world. Such details are a premiere, being the first time when US officials have unveiled mission information of the X-37B ahead of an orbital launch.

The officials detailed how the X-37B will transport payloads to turn the Sun’s energy into radio frequency microwave energy. All of that will be finally sent to Earth. The energy will also be transmitted to offer more reliable power worldwide or even to other satellites in orbit. But, most notably, it will survey low orbit impacts samples and seeds.

X-37B will begin its sixth journey from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, via the US Space Force. Every time the uncrewed space plane has lifted off, it has transported an unknown payload on extended flights into Earth orbit. It also realized a series of classified tasks for NASA since 20

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