What Are The Ways To Consume Marijuana- The Only Guide You Need

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Cannabis is amidst the most controversial topics around the globe, with different people owning contrasting views about it. Some people believe it has zero productive values, while some think it has premium health benefits. Even its name is a diverse topic, and you may call it marijuana, ganja, pot, hash, etc. depending on your preferences.

It is needless to say that just like people have diverse likings with their names, they also like to consume it differently. The web is filled with numerous ways to consume cannabis, and each one of them claims to be the most effective one.

It does not matter how long you have been consuming marijuana; the thought about the ideal consumption method must have crossed your mind as well. So what is the best way to consume weed? Well, here is the best guide to intake marijuana:

Best Ways to Consume Cannabis


Joints are amidst the most renowned ways of cannabis consumption, and the intake approach has gone mainstream in recent years. The method is especially prevalent in the European areas where people prioritize smoking cigarettes over everything.

The method has gained momentum due to its sheer simplicity. You merely require two simple things to prepare a joint, namely; Rolling Papers and Bud.

You can opt for a different type, size, flavor, or hemp, depending on your preference. The method offers never-ending innovation, and you can work out your unique way. Roll the buds with your preferred paper, light it, and enjoy your smoke as usual.


You might call it shatter, dabs, or wax, you are still smoking cannabis concentrates. You can try the method with a dab nail, a personalized rig, or better, a pen vape equipped with a special tank for creating concentrates.

Dabbing proposes numerous health benefits, and its THC extracts effects hit a lot harder as well. No matter what method you choose, you will undoubtedly get the maximum hit.


THC capsules or canna caps have joined the most commonly used cannabis consumption method. A THC pill contains marijuana and is generally suspended within the oil. The technique offers several benefits for people suffering from running respiratory issues.

On the other hand, its intake might interfere with its absorption within the bloodstream. You can get several additional benefits via canna caps such as:

  • Delivering a steady THC dose.
  • More stable than smoking.
  • No odor or smoke.
  • Offers versatility.
  • Has a prolonged effect.


Bongs might be considered the hailing king of marijuana intake methods, and its sheer versatility can amaze even the most prolonged weed users. You can avail one in any size or shape, and they look lavish as well.

Bongs look so striking that people often use them as a mere decoration piece. You might have seen/used a gravity bong, as the ingenious device forces smoke towards a holding chamber where it can be inhaled at your pace.


Bowls are yet another most commonly used marijuana consumption method. Bowls are a type of compact hand pipes, much like a standard tobacco pipe.

Many opt for bowls as they offer an ideal way of consuming marijuana in small doses without using any paper like joints. They are generally made with glass, but you can also avail of one made of metal, wood, silicone, or ceramic.


A blunt might appear similar to a joint, but it is made rolled with a cigar paper instead of a rolling paper or cigarette. Moreover, a blunt is usually broader, letting them contain more expansive and packing more hits.

The method is also one of the oldest ones; thus, people prefer it over others to relish its old-school charm. Additionally, famous celebs like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Lion have also endorsed the style, making it memorable among the masses.


Marijuana is renowned for many reasons, and its versatility is one of its highlights. Space Cakes and Hash Brownies are among the most widely used cannabis ingesting methods, and you can find numerous ways to make your weed edible.

You can even add cannabis with pizza or bread dough and consume it as per your leisure. Wish to get your favorite ingredient delivered in your footsteps? Try using the Eaze coupon code for your weed deliveries or Uber Eats coupon code for your cravings and food deliveries to get your commodities delivered at a discounted rate.

Chewing Gums

Yes, you can use cannabis even as chewing gums. The method is prevalent among users trying to lay off smoking as some organizations are researching a potential THC gum with time-release properties.

These gums will contain both CBD and THC, thus offering high alongside numerous healing effects.


Marijuana sprays are alcohol/oil-based sprays consumed orally to get a quick-hitting dosage of cannabinoids. They are somewhat similar to standard tinctures and come in various THC-CBD ratios.

The proportion is up to you, and you can experiment with it as per your preference. As you can customize the “hit” in sprays, they are a popular choice among both rookies and veterans.

Sprays can prove to be a fantastic alternative for asthmatics, as they are easy to intake and administer.


Infusing weed with drinks might not sound innovative, but it is not common either. You can try brewing up cannabis coffee or tea at your home.

You can opt to prepare the beverage less psychoactive by integrating CBD and THC restraints. As the method is gaining popularity, you can now avail canna cocktails, weed lemonades, and even marijuana-infused soda.

Moon Rocks

Moon rocks might not be as most commonly used as blunts, bongs, or joints, but they are a great option to consume weed nonetheless. You need three primary cannabis products for the process:

  • Honey oil
  • Raw, complete bud
  • Kief

Now pick a nug of your preferred strain, rinse it within the honey oil, and roll it in the kief. After everything dries, it can be broken into pieces according to your desire. You are all good now, so smoke it like any other standard cannabis product.

To Wrap Up

With the internet offering an abundance of ways to consume marijuana, you are bound to be confused when opting for the best one. Its versatility to be consumed, depending on your preference, is one of the best things about weed.

Go through the best methods mentioned above, and choose the most suitable for your needs. Remember to research all legalities of purchasing marijuana and only choose reliable delivery services.

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