Constipation Can Also Happen Due To Certain Medications. Here Are 5 Ways To Get Fast Relief

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You may find it surprising, but 80% of our health problems are directly or indirectly related to digestion. A healthy stomach will keep you fit and save you from countless diseases.

There are days in everyone’s life when they find an unhealthy relationship with their bowel movement. The infrequent pooping, which leads to the improper stool, is called constipation.

In simple words, constipation is not getting the appropriate amount of stools. The primary reason behind constipation is eating less amount of fiber and more amount of dairy products like cheese and milk.

Dehydration is one of the big reasons for getting hard or dry stools, but above all, medicines can also cause your unhappy bowel movement. The excess medication slows down your digestion process, and your waste will take a longer time to pass-through. Below are some of the methods which will help you in getting relief from this problem.

Stay Hydrated

One should drink enough water as it will help the things to flow easily inside the system. Carbonated drinks like soft drinks or soda lead to other harmful effects on health as they contain artificial sugar, which makes it hard to fix your stool problem.

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Add food items which are rich in water content and prevents the body from dehydration. For instance, you can try watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, oranges, skim milk, and peaches. These are those fruits whose around 90% of total weight comes from water.

Another efficient remedy for constipation is a glass of lukewarm water with one tablespoon of honey and one lemon, just after you wake up in the morning as this mixture pushes up your Metabolism and tries to accelerate your digestion process.

Use Natural Herbs

Here are some natural therapies which are way more efficient and a lot less risky than the Medications which are being provided by the Pharmaceutical vendors in the town.

Herbs like Cascara Sagrada helps in stimulating the normal secretion of digestive enzymes. Senna leaves helps in ensuring your bowel movement without causing pain.

Herbs provide you re-absorption of your water in the bowel and help in drying up your Fecal matter. Peppermint helps in correcting intestinal Motility.

The best part of mother nature is that one can grow all of these herbs at their place with no side effects at all. On the other hand, the consumption of Allopathic medication leads to side effects like anxiety and bipolar syndromes.

Besides, the cost of buying allopathy drugs is way higher as compared to the mentioned herbs. These herbs and natural remedies are best for fast constipation relief.

Workout Daily

Studies have shown that one with the laziest and sedentary lifestyle experience the most vulnerable health conditions in their life. It’s not only constipation, but lack of any physical activity always ends up with malfunction of different body organs, which results in severe acute as well as chronic diseases such as cardiac pain, diabetes, and fluctuation in blood pressure.

Research has proved that if you want to run your machine smoothly and efficiently, you need to get your system in a mobile mode frequently; the same goes for the human body. Some of the world-renowned health research institutes have claimed that exercise fixes digestion problems and improve the poop cycle.

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Start with a gentle and mild work out routine comprises of some breathing exercises, brisk walking, body stretching, and some core exercises.

If you develop the habit of regular exercising, believe it or not, it will transform your body. It will not only boost your core strength but also improve your sense of well-being.  Regular exercise will smoothen your digestion process for good.

Use Laxatives And Caffeine

Most corporate workers always have a habit of drinking coffee in between their work as the caffeine enters our body and stimulates the muscles. There are some elements of soluble fiber that is present in coffee, which helps in improving the balance of bacteria present in our stomach.

Another super warrior in the market to help a person in getting rid of Constipation is Laxative. Make sure you use it only with the prescription of a doctor. But for the sake of temporary relief, you can go for laxatives any day to prevent themselves from the pain of improper stools.

Laxatives can be generally found in herbs like Senna as they contain some organic compounds like glycosides that stimulate the nerves in the digestive system and help in boosting up the bowel movement. There are bulking agents that increase the water level of the stool.

There are Osmotic laxatives that soften the stool by pulling water from the tissues present in our digestive system.

Use Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements

The main job of a prebiotic supplement is to provide beneficial bacteria to the gut that certainly helps in the betterment of the digestive system.
Prebiotics also help in boosting the probiotics as they make the frequency of bowel movement faster while the stool gets softer.

Some of the prebiotic resources present around us are onions, bananas, chickpeas, garlic, etc. Flax seeds can prevent digestion problems as it is one of the richest sources of fiber in plants with Omega-3 fatty acids.

To prevent constipation on a chronic level, one should boost the intake of probiotic foods as they are the live forms of bacteria that are beneficial for digestion and exist naturally in the gut.

Lactobacillus is one such commonly used probiotic source. They generally produce short-chain fatty acids, which help in preventing constipation.


These are some effective and important ways to treat constipation and other digestion problems without burning your pocket on heavy medicines.

You can minimize the use of medication in your life by developing healthy habits. Not only for digestive issues but for issues such as allergies as well, you should consider using natural best decongestants to help you.

Now that you know how you can improve your digestion, make sure you incorporate the mentioned things in your life at earliest. If you can keep your digestive system happy, your body will have a significantly fewer number of problems in the future.

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