Your White Teeth Diet: Foods That You Should Avoid After Whitening

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Taking care of teeth is crucial. It becomes even more critical when you have got your teeth whitening treatment done. You are already aware of how much is teeth whitening going to cost you.

Therefore, it is essential to take care of your teeth. Start taking precautions concerning your food choices. Also, make these changes 10-15 days before your teeth whitening session as this will prep you for the process.

Teeth whitening is a common dental treatment taken up by people. Discoloration of the teeth has become quite common due to different unhealthy food choices. However, keeping the color of the teeth white is a significant challenge and should be taken care of.

What causes Teeth Discoloration, and Stains?

Teeth darkening is caused by three substances, which are known as chromogens, tannins, and acids. These are prevalent food compounds. These components are found in several food items that are commonly consumed by us.

These compounds have a long-lasting impact on the enamel of your teeth. They make the enamel weak. Stains start to set in once the enamel weakens.

The White Teeth diet

There are different food products in the markets. Some are good for your oral hygiene. You can also buy a diy teeth whitening kit and whiten your teeth on your own.

This would give good results only if you make significant changes in your food habits. A proper diet is the only way to keep your teeth shining and healthy. Also, you can maintain the original color of your teeth by brushing and flossing for about 2-3 times a day.

Mentioned below are some of the food items which you can eat after your teeth whitening treatment. These food items will not leave any stains on your teeth.

  1. Chicken or turkey with their fat removed. The oily stain can surface as a result of animal fat. Therefore, it is suggested to have fat free meat.
  2. Light-colored fishes cooked correctly and without the use of excessive spices and sauces of a different color. Sauces contain strong and colorful pigments. Therefore, try and avoid using them while preparing your food.
  3. White Rice is an ideal food for people who have got their teeth whitened.
  4. Pasta and bread can also be taken in limited quantities. Don’t eat excess carbs as they can cause cavities.
  5. You can eat egg whites after the teeth whitening. Don’t forget to discard the yolks before consumption.
  6. Low-fat white cheese can also be consumed directly or by applying it on a loaf of bread.
  7. Mashed potatoes
  8. You can prepare a cauliflower stew and have it.
  9. White onions can also be consumed.
  10. Low-fat milk is also good for your teeth.
  11. Bananas
  12. White Yogurt is a portion of comfort food for your teeth.

Along with this diet, make sure to brush and floss your teeth regularly. Use a brush with soft bristles. Make sure to make amends to your eating and drinking habits.

Food to Avoid After Your Teeth Whitening Session

Teeth whitening is an expensive affair. Therefore, please do not let the treatment go in vain. Make sure to avoid the food products which contain strong coloring pigments.

For some days, you can also let go of the food items containing pigments in medium or low quantities. Given below are food items which you should avoid after getting your teeth whitened:

1. Coffee

Coffee has the strongest pigment out of all the food items. Black coffee should be cut out entirely. If you cannot do without it on a particular day, you can have it by adding some milk.

Milk saves your teeth from any kind of stains. However, it is imperative to limit the amount of coffee you take.

2. Tea

The reasons for avoiding tea are almost as similar to that of coffee. Dark tea can make things even worse. You can again add some milk and have it in case your cravings are beyond your control.

3. Fizzy drinks, Colas and Sodas

These drinks contain acids which act as a discoloring agent. Also, the presence of caffeine increases the chances of teeth stains. These fizzy drinks have a lot of artificial colors added in them and should be avoided at all costs.

4. Wine

Colored wine has a lot of artificial colors. Also, the drink is acidic, which makes it risky for the teeth. To add to it, the dark colors present in the wine can cause permanent teeth stains.

White wine, on the other hand, does not have strong pigments like red wine. However, they are quite high in acids. Therefore, avoid consuming any kind of wine after your teeth whitening.

5. Fruit Juices

Fruit juices are generally made of citrus fruits. These fruits have high acidic content. Therefore, avoid their intake.

6. Tobacco

Tobacco causes primary teeth stains, and discoloration. They contain a very high amount of colored pigments. The stains caused by chewing tobacco cannot be reversed in most cases.

It is essential to stop the intake of tobacco-based products such as cigarettes, etc. These can damage your teeth forever.

7. Chocolates and Sweets

These products also contain colors and pigments. Also, these are comfort food for bacteria that causes a cavity. Avoid their intake to protect your teeth.

8. Vegetable curry

Curry is made by using several spices. It also uses oil, which tends to stick on your enamel for a long time. Curries leave a long-lasting stain on your utensils.

Just imagine the degree of damage it can cause to your white teeth.

9. Dark-colored fruits

Fruits like pomegranate and blueberries are dark in color. They have the capability of staining your clothes. They do the same thing with your teeth.

Avoid eating these fruits after your teeth whitening has been done. Fruits like blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, pomegranates, etc. should be avoided.

10. Popsicles

Popsicles contain edible food dyes. It should be avoided as they have strong dyes and colors, which can cause stains on your teeth.


Teeth whitening process has become vital for people who go out and interact with people regularly. Make sure to make changes to your food habits to keep your teeth white and shiny.

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