Is Dark Matter Just a Hoax? What a New Study Says

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Dark matter is the hypothetical mysterious structure that plays a critical role in the existence of normal matter itself. Dark matter is thought to be the ‘glue’ that binds everything together, and scientists had a very hard time trying to understand more.

Astrophysicists failed to find out what dark matter is made of and how it came into existence. They suppose it’s there due to the effects on visible objects and of the extra amount of mass. Therefore, about three-thirds of all the ‘stuff’ in the Universe is made of a mysterious structure that scientists cannot directly observe. But could they have been wrong all along, and there’s no such thing as dark matter after all?

Dark matter may not be the culprit for the strange gravitational behavior of galaxies

For many years, scientists thought that dark matter is responsible for the peculiar gravitational behavior of the galaxies, but a new study reported by NBC News is ready to contradict the idea. Scientists may just not know enough already about gravity, regardless of how harsh it may sound. They still have a lot to learn about the natural laws that govern our Universe.

The team behind the new study proposes that the scientific idea known as the modified Newtonian dynamics theory (MOND) can explain the strange gravitational behavior of stars that was conventionally explained by invoking the involvement of dark matter. The new theory replaces General Relativity and Newtonian mechanics, proposing that scientists should be calculating the gravitational force experienced by a star in entirely different ways.

Co-author Stacy McGaugh, who’s also the head of the astronomy department from the Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, declared for NBC:

What we’re really saying is that there is absolutely evidence for a discrepancy,

What you see is not what you get, if all you know about is Newton and Einstein.

McGaugh also defends the MOND theory by saying that it has been able to predict plenty of astronomical observations since it was first proposed in the 80s. The astronomer added:

It is the only theory that has routinely had all predictions come true.


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