Ready To Divert? Odd Weather And Road Improvements Around Great Lakes Regions 

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Road safety officials around the great lakes region — especially around the Ontario part — have estimated that a person gets into a distracted-driving collision every half hour, according to For motorists aiming to improve their safety on the road, keeping an eye out for announcements that can affect their routes is crucial. Odd weather and road improvements lay ahead for great lakes motorists.

Southern Ontario Hit With Heavy Snow Squalls

The last days of January welcomed below zero temperatures in Southern and Eastern Ontario, and the heavy snow squalls will continue to persist for the coming days. Snow can increase vehicle crash rates by up to 84%, according to the Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board. So motorists wanting to avoid the need to reach a minor car settlement will want to stay clear of roads until better weather comes. If travel is unavoidable, it is recommended to ensure that vehicles are equipped with snow tires to avoid skidding and collisions.

Ontario Spending $25M On Road Improvement

Ontario will be spending $25 million that will be going towards building a new interchange on the Canadian side of the great lakes region. The project is part of the widening of Highway 17 from its two-lane road to a four-lane road. Building the new interchange is hoped to increase road safety and improve traffic conditions, says MPP John Yakabuski. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. Motorists are recommended to check for future updates on any rerouting or diversions that will need to occur.

Ontario To Add More Truck Stops

Ontario’s government is presently improving 14 of the existing truck rest areas and building 10 more. This is all in a part of a five-year plan to make Ontario highways some of the safest in North America. Safety is paramount, as long-haul truckers are the ones that carry essential goods. With the great lakes region being a well-used route for truck drivers, long hours on the road without rest may lead to collisions. This is what the local government is trying to prevent with more visible areas for truckers to rest. With road safety improved, the local authorities are also hoping that citizens are able to get their essentials swiftly and safely.

Road safety must always be a priority for all. With road conditions often reliant on weather and road works, it would be smart for motorists to always check before they journey out. That way, the occurrence of accidents may be lowered, and everyone may maintain good health on the road.

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