Six Ways to Have a Better Focus

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We have to admit that our society isn’t a very friendly place, especially during the present times. The pandemic, along with the restrictions caused by it, the political and economic struggles, and many more could be jeopardizing your concentration power. has recently written an article about how to improve our concentration power, and we have to be thankful for it. Here are the six tips:

Disconnect your brain from focusing

We all know that taking breaks during work is important, and the new analysis confirms that we must allow our mind to travel into the “default mode network. Furthermore, that’s a way to allows our mind to find innovation and creativity and also make better decisions.

Block interruptions before hard work

Before you start your work, turn off any extra sounds on your smartphone and computer, such as notifications, alerts from social media, and more. It may sound awkward, but when distracting interruptions are turned off, the human brain gets the chance to increase its power.

Try a digital sabbath

Trying a digital sabbath refers to detach from your devices’ interruptions deliberately. We all live in a world where screens are extraordinarily important, but reminding yourself that there’s a world beyond those screens can help you reset your mind and think about other important stuff.

Engage in positive and constructive daydreaming

Try to get in your own head for several moments and imagine you’re in a place where you would want to be. How about a sandy beach or a forest? It seems that doing so, especially if you’re willing to work hard on a project, will help to open up the brain’s ‘default mode network’.

Try out new hobbies

Trying new hobbies can often grant you new ideas for older problems. Just allow your mind to have some fun.

Don’t forget your chronobiology

Try to make friends with your body clock. You may be more active during the night or during the morning. Therefore, you should schedule your work in accordance with the time of day when your performance is better.

These are the six ways of improving your focus, and we’re sure that you’ll find them useful.

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