Behold Giant Panda Bears as They Engage in Peculiar Ritual for Mating

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Giant panda bears also mate, but you can rarely see them engaging in a peculiar and amusing ritual as those from Zoo De Beauval from France. Huan Huan and Yuan Zi are the two intriguing bears from the French zoo, and they amazed people with their mating ritual.

Thanks to AFP News Agency’s YouTube channel, we can see the two afore-mentioned bears as they playfully mate:

Panda bears remain scattered and vulnerable across the world, with much of their habitat being threatened by poor infrastructure projects. At a precise moment from 2020, there were only a bit more than 1,800 panda bears in the wild.

Bamboo is the favourite food of panda bears

Bamboo is the main source of food for panda bears, and it’s understandable. Besides the fact that pandas are lazy animals, bamboo is extremely abundant, and the bears don’t need to fight with other animals to get it. Although bamboo is high in fibre, it has a pretty low concentration of nutrients. Therefore, the pandas are forced to eat a high amount of bamboo each day to survive.

Giant pandas during their early stages in life (they have a lifespan of about 20 years), along with koalas, hippos, and elephants, have the peculiar habit of eating their mothers’ faeces. The goal is to obtain the necessary bacteria to digest the vegetation properly. Shortly after the birth, the afore-mentioned animals’ intestines do not contain the needed bacteria.

Also known as Ailuropoda melanoleuca by their scientific name, panda bears usually reach a height between 60 and 90 cm. The gestation period of these beautiful creatures is between 95 and 160 days.

Although the word ‘panda’ was borrowed into the English language from French, no conclusive explanation for the origin of the French word was found. The most probable candidate is the Nepali word ‘ponya’.

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