How To Increase Your Business’ Visibility Online

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Despite the internet playing a major role in so many of our lives, 46% of US small businesses still don’t have a website for their company, according to a survey by the research firm, Clutch. However, there are a number of benefits that can be gained from having a strong online presence, which can ultimately help grow your business and boost brand awareness. Whether you’re looking to bring your brand online for the first time or simply wish to strengthen its presence online, here are three smart tactics worth considering.
Striving for SEO
Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is just one tactic that will help tremendously in getting your business out there, as the goal of SEO is to heighten your business’ presence in search engine results. In turn, this can result in maintaining a competitive edge against others in the market, particularly when it comes to businesses operating in the legal sector. Because law firms are known for lagging behind in terms of digital transformation, SEO can undoubtedly help change that by ranking useful blog content, or even simply ranking the website and firm’s contact information higher in search results for those looking for a specific kind of lawyer. While implementing the strategy does require an understanding of algorithms and technical understanding, in addition to knowing your audience, you can get started with simple keyword research by finding out the value behind specific wording.
Social media benefits
Not only is it free advertising and a vessel for content, but having and maintaining an active social media presence online can do wonders for any business due to the sheer volume of people – including your target audience – who are online. In turn, this will increase your audience, get your business’ name and product/service out there, and ultimately heighten brand awareness. However, while increasing visibility via social platforms can be great for any business, getting potential consumers to stay (and actually invest in your product/service) will be extremely difficult if you don’t have quality content. In addition, at least 91% of businesses in the United States use social media for marketing purposes – and the numbers are growing, proving that it’s important to create quality content in order to stay relevant and keep your audience interested. Thankfully, this can be done easily, by ensuring your content is information-packed and valuable for your readers, and tailored specifically to your target audience.
Staying consistent 
Whether you choose to implement the use of SEO or social media (or both) in order to gain more visibility online, staying consistent with your content is a fantastic way to supplement your efforts. Consistent posting of blog content and social media posts will not only show consumers that you’re active online, but will increase your chances of people seeing the content as well, particularly where social media algorithms are concerned, as they’re generally known to favor consistency.

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