It Takes a Lot for Your Senses of Smell and Taste to Recover if You Lost Them Due to COVID

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The COVID-19 disease can do a lot of awful things to you if you get infected. It can make you lose your breath, start to cough, develop a fever, and even lose your life in some situations. But losing your senses of smell and taste is also one of the symptoms, which is horrible.

As most people recover from the COVID infection in a few weeks, the abilities to smell and taste a good meal may recover a lot later, according to a new study that USA Today News writes about. The researchers involved in the study analyzed 97 COVID patients who had the loss of smell and taste among the symptoms for an entire year. The patients were asked to participate in a survey every four months, according to the study that was published in JAMA Network Open. The results are terrifying.

Smell and taste could come back in a year

Not being able to fully enjoy the smell and taste of a fried chicken or a good soup for a whole year sounds like a true hell, but it’s nothing else than pure reality, unfortunately. That’s how long it can take for a patient to regain his senses: up to a whole year. Instead of going through such horrible pain, we can do the least to take good care of our health and not get infected with the coronavirus.

They say health is more important than anything, but devouring delicious meals while you’re enjoying their taste and smell could be just as important!

According to, the world is still pretty infected with COVID: a total of over 181 million infections and more than 3.9 million deaths have occurred worldwide.

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