Astronomers Finally Have an Answer for the Peculiar Shape From Andromeda’s Core

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If astronomers still have a lot of trouble trying to understand how many things work in our Milky Way galaxy, you can easily guess how a lot more problems another galaxy located at roughly 2.5 million light-years away can cause. Yes, we’re talking about the Andromeda galaxy.

For plenty of years, scientists tried to grasp the weird shape of an inner structure from Andromeda. More precisely, we’re talking about an entire cluster of stars that scientists demanded answers about. But according to, they finally have an answer.

A “gravitational kick” could be to blame

Believe it or not, but supermassive black holes from the center of galaxies can collide with one another. Such phenomenons could hold the key to understanding the weird shape of Andromeda’s core. A so-called “gravitational kick” might be to blame, as it could be impactful enough to create an elongated amount of millions of stars. Thus, those stars won’t be grouped in a regular symmetric shape cluster.

Tatsuya Akiba, an astrophysicist from the University of Colorado Boulder, declared:

When galaxies merge, their supermassive black holes are going to come together and eventually become a single black hole,

We wanted to know: what are the consequences of that?

Apart from the new study, we know that the Andromeda galaxy is much bigger than the Milky Way. While our galaxy has a diameter of “only” 100,000 light-years across, Andromeda is twice as large. If you try to fly from one edge of the galaxy to the opposite using the speed of light, you will do it in 260,000 years.

However, reaching the speed of light is impossible for now. But who knows, maybe astronomers will find a solution for that problem as well in the future. Or maybe YOU know a secret formula, so why not share it with us in a comment?

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