Lower Risk of Lethal Prostate Cancer Comes Along This Change in Diet

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Prostate cancer is one of the most frequent forms of cancer, and over 47,000 men have diagnosed every year with this it. That’s equivalent to 129 men every day.

Fortunately, the death rate of prostate cancer is pretty low. The statistics also show that roughly one man in 41 will die of prostate cancer. But even that risk of dying from this form of cancer should go down, and a new study grants hope.

There’s a connection between diet, the gut microbiome, and lethal prostate cancer

A new study from the Cleveland Clinic brings the surprising conclusion. The researchers had been analyzing data from a trial of 148,000 people. Therefore, 76,685 men of ages between 55 and 74 years old were analyzed, and they were monitored for roughly 13 years.

The researchers also focused their attention on 700 men, taking into account baseline levels of dietary nutrients and metabolites. Later on, 173 of these men passed away as a result of prostate cancer’s development.

Dr. Nima Sharifi, MD, and Director at Genitourinary Malignancies Research Center declared as quoted by MedicalNewsToday:

Men with higher levels of certain diet-related molecules are more likely to develop aggressive prostate cancer.

The researchers found that those individuals who carried elevated phenylacetylglutamine at the study’s beginning were over 2 times more likely to deal with lethal prostate cancer compared to those having the lowest levels.

Watch out for that diet!

Reducing meat consumption could help, it’s as simple as that! This is not surprising, considering that in general, reducing meat intake is associated with lower mortality from various types of cancer.

Dr. Sharifi says as also quoted by MedicalNewsToday:

Generally, the metabolites associated with lethal prostate cancer are found to be enriched in meat and other animal products.

The new study was published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.

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