More Hurricanes Will Hit New York and Other Major Cities Due to Climate Change

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Unfortunately, humans are still far from being able to control nature’s wrath. Climate change is a result of the actions of many of us, whether we want to accept it or not. Another sad fact is that the USA has been through plenty of hurricanes, which are phenomenons that occur without prior warning.

According to Yahoo News, residents of major cities such as New York, Shangai, and Boston should prepare for more hurricanes in the future. As expected, what’s triggering these terrible phenomenons is climate change.

Global warming is to blame

The new study claims that global warming is to blame for conditions that trigger hurricanes and that even expand.

Kerry Emanuel, who’s a professor of atmospheric science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, declared as quoted by Yahoo News:

Some of the most populous seaside cities in the world — think New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and so forth — are not deep in the tropics,

They’re a little bit further away. They always have had hurricanes, but very rarely. If they start getting more hurricanes, and if they’re stronger, and if they’re pushing water on top of an already elevated sea level, that’s going to be trouble for them.

The Earth could warm even more in the next decades than it did already.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the following statement, as quoted by the BBC:

The proportion of intense tropical cyclones, average peak tropical cyclone wind speeds, and peak wind speeds of the most intense tropical cyclones will increase on the global scale with increasing global warming.

According to, the typical hurricanes measure around 300 miles wide, but we must also remember that there is the possibility for them to vary considerably in size.

The new study was published in Nature Geoscience.

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