Scientist Warns That Space Colonists Could Become Cannibals in Their Struggle to Survive

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Traveling through space is definitely no child’s play, despite the fact that most boys wanted to be astronauts when they were little. You can never tell for sure the total amount of dangers an astronaut would have to face. That doesn’t even have to apply to long cosmic journeys such as going to another Solar System (which, for the moment, is impossible).

Even when it comes to going to another planet from our own Solar Systems, the challenges could be endless for an astronaut. Under such circumstances, there’s at least one scientist out there that raises awareness about a very horrendous possibility: astronauts becoming cannibalistic in order to survive.

Trying to colonize moons of the Solar System could turn astronauts into cannibals

Speaking for, Charles Cockell, who is a professor of astrobiology at Edinburgh University, said:

If you put a group of people on Callisto, things start going wrong and the plant growth module breaks down, they are going to eat each other if there is no other way to survive.

Callisto is the second-largest moon of Jupiter, after Ganymede. The gas giant has many more moons than Earth: 79.

Cockell made an analogy with historical events from the 19th century and explained the following, as quoted by the same source mentioned earlier:

The systems have to be really reliable and that’s why they need to be tested before.

That’s based on historical situations – Franklin’s crew tried to find the north-west passage on ships in the late 19th century – they were the most sophisticated pieces of technology available at that time.

They had tinned food, which was the new technology – and yet, they got lost, stranded and they ended up degenerating into cannibalism.’

Everybody knows that the human desire to avoid death as much as possible is stronger than anything. Therefore, people would generally give up anything just to survive, including their morals. It’s enough to consider this aspect to realize that the possibility the scientist is telling us is pretty feasible.

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