Will A Rocket Crash On The Moon In March?

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After an astronomer and sky tracking specialist claimed that a fragment of an older SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which had been in orbit for the previous seven years, would crash with the Moon in March, he created a bit of a stir online. However, he is now altering his forecast in a significant manner. He still thinks that the rocket part he’s been following is on its way to collide with the Moon, but he now thinks that the aircraft is not an old Falcon 9 component, but rather an ancient Chinese rocket.

The latest information comes from Bill Gray, an astronomer and asteroid tracker who is in charge of Project Pluto and has been tracking this deadly object since March of this year. The item was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey, according to the scientist, who adds that the program, which employs telescopes near Tucson, Arizona, to search the sky for potentially deadly asteroids that may pose a threat to Earth, initially discovered the object. The discovery of this specific object drew the attention of other astronomers, who noted that it was not circling the Sun in the usual way that asteroids do. It was really circling the Earth, implying that the item was created by humans and that we were the ones who sent it into space.

Although there has been some disagreement regarding the object’s identification, Gray believes that this is only further evidence that we need to learn more about the rocket boosters that travel to outer space. As Gray points out, some people’s overall attitude about these types of things is that, because they are so somewhere out in space, we don’t need to give importance to them after they are in orbit.

The origins of the object remain pure speculation. “This sort of thing would be considerably easier if the folks who launch spacecraft — if there was some regulatory environment where they had to report something. But as it stands, it’s always a certain amount of detective work that goes into figuring these things out,” declared Gray.

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