Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Reveals Upcoming Content

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Ubisoft has released the Rainbow Six Siege 7th year expansion plan. Besides  the standard four new operators, 2022 brings three additional maps,  cross-play and cross-progression, and other player behavior system enhancements.

Content roadmap

Rainbow Six Siege will have four new playable operators for season one, starting with Operation Demon Veil. While Azami, a Japanese defense, has been completely revealed, the other three have been hinted at. Season two will have a Belgian operator, Third season will include a Singaporean operator, and the fourth season will feature a Colombian operator.

The Emerald Plains, based in Ireland, will be introduced mid-season. Three seasons, one new competition map. Season two will see a new third map, situated in Greece, but only for the unique Team Deathmatch game style, not for competitive Siege battles.

Throughout second season, a new firing range will be built to test firearms and conduct weapons exercises. A number of ‘operator tips’ will also be included to help novice players understand Siege’s numerous distinct characteristics. Season three will see the debut of Ranked 2.0, a redesigned ranked competition format for Siege. Ubisoft is also focusing on cross-platform play and advancement, although it is slower than anticipated. So it’s presently scheduled for season four.

Ubisoft aims to update Siege’s player systems in addition to adding new content. Season one will see adjustments to how griefing and player disconnects are identified and handled to make the game more fair. Season two will extend the battle on toxic gamers by limiting the usage of friendly fire, and season three will enable you to report breaches seen in replays. In season four, a new Reputation Scores scheme will encourage positive behavior while barring serial offenders. Seasonal balancing changes will, of course, be included. The console variant will also get improvements to customize aiming accuracy  and field of view.

Balance, gameplay updates, and map material will be free, but operators will be compensated for through battle passes. The Year 7 Pass, accessible through March 21, reveals every future operator  2 weeks early. This year’s yearly pass includes two types: $40 (just four conventional season passes bundled together) and $60 (special weapon skins, VIP points, and 20 additional battle pass levels).

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