You Can Now Watch The Clouds On Mars In New NASA Video

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NASA has released a brief video captured by the Curiosity rover showing Martian clouds flowing across the sky, which will aid researchers in their efforts to better comprehend the planet.

In case you’ve ever questioned whether or not there are clouds on the Red Planet, you can now rest assured that there are, according to NASA’s recent release of a brief video showing Martian clouds moving over the NASA’s Curiosity rover. On December 12 last year, NASA’s Mars rover utilized its navigation camera to capture eight photographs of the sky using its onboard camera.

NASA has even provided a link to the second 8-frame animation, which depicts the clouds in all their splendor, in its official press release. With the same navigational camera as the previous photographs, this video captures the clouds as they were observed moving directly over Curiosity during the first few frames.

A second 8-frame movie, taken using the same navigation camera

However, these sorts of films are capable of far more than mere mesmerization. They enable scientists to compute a variety of key properties, such as the speed at which the clouds are traveling and the height at which they are located in the sky. As explained by NASA, researchers can compute the height of the clouds based on the footage, and as reported by NASA’s Mars blog, the clouds are almost 50 miles over the planet’s surface. At that height, it’s incredibly cold, hence why NASA experts think that the clouds are made up of carbon dioxide ice, rather than water vapor.

Due to the fact that Martian clouds are extremely thin in the atmosphere, it is necessary to use specialized imaging methods to detect them. It is necessary to take many photographs in order to get a clean, static backdrop. Because of this, everything which is moving inside the picture will become apparent once the static backdrop has been removed from every separate image in turn.

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