Calculate The Environmental Impact Of Your Social Media Account

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Did you realize that simply browsing through social media feeds for extended periods of time, you are adding to the increase in carbon dioxide emissions in the biosphere? And how about your own carbon footprint? Have you ever considered it? A website headquartered in the United Kingdom can assist you in determining the digital carbon footprint you create, and this is how to assess your digital carbon footprint.

Comparison website Compare the Market, headquartered in the United Kingdom, has created a new tool that allows you to measure your carbon footprint using social networking applications. By doing so, you’ll be able to see exactly how much carbon dioxide you’re emitting while scrolling through your favorite social media applications like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and others.

You will notice that when you go to the website Compare the Market, the top social media sites that have the greatest carbon footprint are shown at the top. According to the site, the three leading platforms with the highest carbon footprint are TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest. TikTok, Reddit, and Pinterest are the top three networks even when compared to Meta giants such as Instagram or Facebook.

As you continue to scroll down the page, you will come across a part that allows you to assess your digital carbon footprint on a daily and yearly basis. All you have to do is enter the estimated amount of time (in minutes) that you use on social media sites each day and click on the “Calculate” button.
Upon registration, the site will generate a report including your specific digital carbon footprint information. It will contain the carbon footprint (in CO2g equivalent) for every one of the sites that you use on a daily and yearly basis, as well as a cumulative figure to portray your overall carbon footprint per day and in a year for every one of the social networks that you are using.

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