An Asteroid Hit The Earth Over The Weekend

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During the weekend, an asteroid collided with the Earth barely two hours after it had been identified.

According to multiple scientists online, the tiny rocky object, designated 2022 EB5, collided with the earth on March 11 between Greenland and Norway.

2022 EB5 was just three meters broad, about half the size of a typical male giraffe, which develops to reach five to six meters tall. As a result, if it had touched the globe, it was improbable to do any harm.

The 2022 EB5 had burnt up silently in the atmosphere, and it’s unclear whether any remnant pieces have remained undamaged. Some people in Iceland have claimed to hear a boom or witnessed a bright flash during this timeframe, and the International Meteor Organization is seeking witness accounts from anybody who may have witnessed something.

Asteroids are one of the most terrible natural calamities that the world might face, particularly since there is presently no means to prevent them.

As per a study from Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science’s Davidson Institute of Science, an asteroid with a diameter of more than 140 meters could unleash a quantity of energy a thousand times bigger compared to the first atomic bomb if it collided with Earth.

Something much bigger, like the asteroid Apophis, which is almost 300 meters broad, might wipe out an entire continent. A kilometer-wide asteroid, like as 138971 (2001 CB21), which sped by Earth in early March, might cause a global catastrophe.

However, even minor asteroids have the capacity to wreak harm.

The latest asteroid impact before 2022 EB5 occurred in 2013, when a tiny asteroid about 17-20 meters in diameter collided with the Earth and exploded above Chelyabinsk, Russia. While the hit itself was not very strong, the shockwave prompted thousands of windows to break, leaving many people wounded and in need of medical assistance.

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