Epic War Is The Most Anticipated Blockchain First-Person Shooter Game

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By the conclusion of 2021, the blockchain game sector had gained over 1.5 million players, with daily trading volumes from gaming dApps reaching half a billion $.

The possibility for profit through play-to-earn (P2E) mechanisms, as well as the prospects for rich gameplay owing to the implementation of blockchain and NFTs, prompted a surge of gamers, programmers, and speculators into the gamefi area.

Many blockchain games have so far featured rudimentary 2D environments built on turn-based mechanics, with an emphasis on potential earnings over fast-paced action. However, this is beginning to change.

Epic War

Epic War will be the first blockchain-based first-person shooting game to offer Triple-A visuals and gameplay in a VR and free-to-play-to-earn (F2P2E) metaverse.

Surprisingly, the totally 3D blockchain shooter is just a small component of the Epic War world, which will eventually encompass comic books and films. Players compete in battle royales against other players as well as aggressive NPC animals on a dangerous alien planet, according to the game’s plot. Team bouts with up to 16 participants (8v8) in a single sitting are other significant features. Players’ talents are put to the ultimate test in boss encounters, which occur in three distinct degrees of intensity: normal, hard, and super hardcore.

Epic War’s native token ($EWAR) is utilized to produce additional in-game heroes, weapons, equipment, combat maps, and NFT products. It may also be utilized for administration, granting owners decision-making authority over the project’s fate. EWAR tokens are given to players and teams that win fights, and these tokens may then be used to increase player-character traits or auctioned on markets.

After each game, both successful and defeated players will be able to collect special NFTs, which represent in-game things like weaponry, gears, and locations. Objects of this kind may be sold, exchanged, or leased to other players for a fee, and they are also given out for completing difficult in-game missions.