Is A Fourth Shot Of The COVID-19 Vaccine Truly Necessary?

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Which Covid dosage is right for my needs? It has been requested by both Pfizer and Moderna that patients over 65 and all adult people be allowed to get a second booster (a fourth injection). Patients over 50 will apparently be allowed (but not advised) to get a fourth injection, according to reports from the FDA. For those with a good immune system, three or even two doses of mRNA vaccine should be enough.

Extra injections don’t do anything to extend the duration of vaccine-induced immunity. To be sure, the first two-dose regimen provides great protection against severe illness for the vast majority of patients—mediated by long-lasting cellular responses, rather than the transient neutralizing antibodies that increase and fall shortly after immunization.

What does the science say?

Full immunization (two mRNA doses or more) against hospitalization has been shown in the extensive database of the New York State Department of Health to be over 90% efficacious, even during the current Omicron spike. The findings of research in Sweden were also consistent. With Omicron, studies in Qatar for instance found no decrease in immunity against severe illness.

Another study shows a decline in vaccination efficacy over time, particularly against Omicron. There is a wide range of vaccination effectiveness against symptomatic illness reported in these studies, from as high as 40% to 50% to as low as 40%.

Scientists measure the difference in illness rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated subgroups to determine vaccine effectiveness. Even if vaccinations are still effective, the difference between the vaccinated and unprotected populations narrows as more individuals acquire immune via infection, particularly with a highly communicable variation.

There is even less evidence for a fourth dosage. Less than 1 in 200 persons over 60 who received three doses of Omicron had a serious illness, according to the biggest Israeli research. The impact of a fourth dosage was more pronounced among individuals with significant risk factors. There is little indication that the introduction of boosters last autumn had a substantial influence on the trajectory of the Omicron spike in the United States.

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