A Massive Solar Storm Is On Its Way To Earth

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Following almost 20 eruptions from one sunspot in two days, a big solar storm is predicted to hit Earth on Thursday (March 31), accompanied by spectacular aurora displays.

NOAA has issued a G3 geomagnetic storm warning for two coronal mass ejections (CMEs) emitted by sunspot AR2975 on Monday (March 28). These CMEs were emitted by the sunspot AR2975 on Monday (March 28).

The corona, the sun’s upper atmosphere, spews forth vast volumes of magnetic particles known as CMEs. If those charged clouds collide with the Earth, they could destroy satellites, power grids, and telecommunications networks, all of which rely on the Earth’s magnetic field.
Because the planet’s magnetic field is weakest just above, solar particles may penetrate Earth’s atmosphere much more deeply. The magnificent polar light displays are then generated by the interaction of charged sun particles with particles in the Earth’s atmosphere. During intense solar storms, the auroral ovals, or areas where auroras occur, extend further from the poles.

Huge massive solar storm on its way

In only two days, the sun has released about 20 flares from a single sunspot, culminating in a massive solar storm that will hit Earth on Thursday (March 31), followed by spectacular aurora displays.

According to the latest NOAA notice, two CMEs from AR2975, a hyperactive sunspot, are on their way to our planet and might cause a G3 geomagnetic storm on the NOAA’s five-point scale.

Coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are what cause large volumes of magnetically charged particles to be released from the sun’s upper atmosphere. If these charged clouds reach the Earth’s magnetic field, they might damage satellites, electrical grids, and telecommunications networks.

NOAA predicts that a G3-level solar storm will have no substantial impact on infrastructure. However, it may result in magnificent aurora displays that may be seen from locations farther away from the poles than auroras are normally seen. If you are in any of those areas prepare for some magnificent sights.

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