Apple’s Brand New Emergency SOS Feature Helps Rescue Stranded Snowmobiler in Alaska!

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As you might be aware, Apple activated their Emergency SOS via satellite feature in the US and Canada not too long ago, making it available on the iPhone 14 series, and its efficiency in saving lives has already been proven!

According to new reports, the feature helped save a stranded man in Nimiuk Point, Alaska!

More precisely, according to the Alaska Department of Public Safety’s report dispatch, a snowmobiler that unfortunately got stranded, was saved on December 1 at 2 AM local time by the Alaska State Troopers after he was able to activate his iPhone’s Emergency SOS function successfully.

The official report goes on to state that the Apple Emergency Response Center, upon receiving the SOS signal, was able to reach the Northwest Arctic Borough Search and Rescue department, offering the rescue team the correct GPS coordinates of the snowmobiler in need of saving.

The step that followed involved the dispatching of 4 volunteers that used these details to successfully track him down.

This is obviously great news for all those who use an iPhone and especially those who love adventure in the wild or extreme sports in extreme weather conditions.

The first successful rescue mission facilitated by Apple’s Emergency SOS feature proves that the technology is welcome and able to save human lives.

Of course, users from all over the world are still waiting for the feature to go live in other countries since it is currently only available in Canada and the United States.

The good news is that Apple’s Emergency SOS feature is expected to span all across the UK, Germany, France and Germany later this month.

Hopefully, even more areas around the globe will get to benefit from this easy to use and efficient feature that has already managed to save a life not too long after its launch!

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