Apple’s Upcoming Foldable iPhone to Feature Breakthrough Self-Healing Display!

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More and more phone manufacturing companies are starting to invest in foldable models, including Apple!

However, according to new reports, the massive company’s first foldable device is far from being ready for the public, and there is a good reason why this is the case.

As it turns out, Apple is allegedly taking longer than expected to introduce their foldable design due to the fact that they are waiting for a self-healing display!

Patently Apple has noticed a new patent filling that seems to suggest Apple could have been focusing on the development of such technology for a few years now.

Of course, the impressive patent existing does not mean it will be used in the iPhone Fold but it’s no doubt that it provides a really intriguing take on improving foldables at this time.

In other words, Apple’s upcoming foldable devices, including iPhone and iPad models, could come with self-healing displays!

But what exactly does this even mean?

Well, judging by the description and graphical representation, the company is considering using a cover layer and then an augmented second layer on top of it.

This latter layer is self-healing, in the sense that scratches and even dents can get fixed using heat or ambient light directly applied to the damaged area.

Of course, the “healing” may also be done in other ways as well, including the electricity present while charging the device, which is obviously really easy and convenient.

In addition, there is also a mention of a flexible part where the hinge is positioned.

In this region, a third later is also applied, being made out of see-through dielectric materials that can aid by stimulating the need for electricity or heat for the self-healing layer to do its magic.

Naturally, this is impressive technology any electronic device would benefit from, so it is possible that Apple will use the same display on other non-foldable devices as well.

But because of the rather feeble structure foldable devices currently have, it’s safe to say this approach best fits foldables for the time being.

At this point in time, it is still rather early to tell for sure whether this breakthrough self-healing display will be part of Apple’s very first foldable device, rumored to be ready for launch in 2025 but it would surely be a welcome addition that is bound to attract many buyers.

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