Incredible New NASA Image Shows Red-Hot Lava on Jupiter’s Moon

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Jupiter’s moon Io was the subject of an infrared photograph that was taken by the Juno spacecraft of NASA from a distance of 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers).

Bright red dots can be seen in the picture, which was captured on July 5 and made public on Wednesday. These dots represent the forms of lava flows and lava lakes.
NASA has discovered that the moon Io is home to hundreds of volcanoes. According to Bolton, it came as a surprise to the scientists when they discovered more volcanic sites in the polar zone than in the equatorial portion of the globe.

Since 2016, the spacecraft Juno has been following Jupiter around in its orbit. After completing its investigation of the gas giant, the Juno spacecraft then proceeded to fly past Jupiter’s moons Ganymede in 2021 and Europa earlier this year.

On December 15, the spacecraft will resume its exploration of Io, which NASA identifies as the location in the solar system with the highest concentration of volcanoes. The flyby is the first of nine that Juno intends to do over the course of the next year and a half.
Auroras are vivid displays of light that occur in other places outside only the Earth. NASA reports that Jupiter’s auroras shine brighter than those of any other planet in the solar system.

Auroras are caused by the interaction of charged particles, including such protons or electrons, with the magnetic field that surrounds a planet and is referred to as the magnetosphere. Auroras have been seen on both Earth and Jupiter. Jupiter has a magnetic field that is about 20,000 times more powerful than that of Earth.

The information and understanding that Juno gathers might be used to assist future guide missions to explore Jupiter’s moons, such as NASA’s Clipper mission, which will research whether or not Europa is habitable for life.

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