Make Your Bed Even More Comfortable With a Cool Jet This Summer!

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Those long, scorching summer nights are, without a doubt, the worst! This summer, the most brilliant plan would probably involve a powerful jet of refreshing chill air that would keep you comfortable all through the night and ensure that you had an excellent night’s rest. So, what’s so special about this cool jet?!

When both partners desire their own optimum temperature for sleeping, it might be difficult to find a solution because more than half of couples have distinct requirements for the temperature at which they sleep (as they should!). If one finds a certain temperature to be pleasant, it may be intolerable for the other, causing them both to suffer from a lack of sleep. Here is how you may add a jet to your bed’s mattress in order to make things a little bit more comfortable!

What Exactly is BedJet, and How Does it Function?

BedJet might be the answer you’ve been looking for to help you and your spouse get to the temperature at which your bodies are most comfortable while you sleep. Temperature management during sleep is now simpler than ever before, thanks to the dual temp-zoned sleep tech offered by BedJet.

The Dual Zone configuration consists of two BedJet devices and our ultra-plush Dual Zone AirComforter cover. It may be purchased alone or as a package. The AirComforter is designed to take the place of your standard top sheet and do its magic just beneath your ordinary comforter, quilt, or blanket.

If you are the only one who needs temperature control and you wish to leave your partner undisturbed by your heating and cooling hijinks, then use just the BedJet with the Dual Zone AirComforter to cool or warm just your half of the bed. This will allow you to leave your companion undisturbed by your heating and cooling shenanigans.

Key Features

  • Up to two years warranty
  • Embedded in the air input grill
  • Washable and reusable air filter
  • An innovative acoustic dampening technique that is patented and is compatible with your pillows and comforters
  • Safe to use beneath the bed

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