Is There Life on Mars? A NASA Scientist Responds

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The question of whether there is life on Mars or not remains up in the air. Although no scientist has ever found anything alive on the Red Planet yet, most part of the planet has still been unexplored.

When it comes to alien life, most people imagine it in a way that we’ve all seen in the Star Wars movies: aliens should live somewhere “in a galaxy far, far away.” But what if extraterrestrial life forms actually live next door to us? What if they live on Mars, and nobody has ever discovered them yet? That’s one of the burning questions that some of us have, and thankfully, a scientist from NASA tries to shed light on the mystery.

NASA astrobiologist speaks out

Heather Graham, a NASA astrobiologist, responds to what is the ultimate question for many folks out there: is there life on Mars? Being able to respond objectively to that question could be a bit of a two-edged sword, but Graham has made it quite well.

In her view, although astronomers haven’t found any evidence until now that life might exist on Mars, although they’ve been looking for it for a very long time, there is still some evidence that alien life forms might have existed on the Red Planet in the past. She says that the planet likely had an atmosphere and an ocean once. Such an environment could act in favor of the development of life.


In the end, there’s no use being under the weather too soon, even if no ET is weaving at us from Mars. Perhaps the better question is this: what will humanity do if alien life really exists on Mars? What if those alien life forms become hostile toward us? All we can do in such a scenario is have faith in human technology and that we’ll cross that bridge when and if we come to it.

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