NASA Has an AI System Capable of Warning the World About Solar Superstorms

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Solar storms don’t represent anything that we can possibly neglect. Although our beloved star constantly gives us energy and oxygen, it can also turn into our biggest foe. One of those moments when the Sun reveals its dark side is when it shoots a solar superstorm toward us.

Solar superstorms, which are also known as geomagnetic storms or solar storms, can be significantly dangerous to our various technological systems. Massive eruptions of energy from the Sun cause these storms. Solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) represent those eruptions.

Luckily, there is hope, and it’s coming from NASA.

NASA’s AI system can offer a 30-minute warning

NASA has created an artificial intelligence model named DAGGER that is able to predict the location of incoming solar storms on Earth, and it provides approximately 30 minutes of advance warning, according to The Independent. By analyzing data from satellites launched by NASA, the AI model in question can raise alerts about hazardous space weather.

This early warning system allows countries to take preventive measures to lower the severe impact of these storms on power grids and critical infrastructure. Solar storms generate geomagnetic disturbances that can lead to blackouts and disrupt technology. Nobody can deny that the world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology. At the same time, the potential disruptions caused by solar storms become more significant.

The AI model identifies links between solar wind measurements and geomagnetic disturbances observed at ground stations across the globe. It has demonstrated its ability to forecast the impacts of geomagnetic storms, as validated by past events that took place in 2011 and 2015.

We are eager to find out more about NASA’s DAGGER AI system, as it will certainly be in the front row news for quite some time from now on!

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