Watch Out for the 2023 JK Asteroid! It’s Approaching Earth FAST!

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Let’s say it together out loud: the Universe doesn’t care a bit about what we want or what we fear. That’s why it keeps sending all sorts of space rocks toward our planet. Luckily, most of them get obliterated in the atmosphere due to air friction and gravitational acceleration. Nature has surely been generous with us a lot, but it won’t behave like that forever! After all, nothing lasts forever, right?

The 2023 JK asteroid is now approaching our planet, according to The Jerusalem Post. It’s the size of 18 walruses, which means that you certainly wouldn’t want the damn thing land anywhere near your town. Otherwise, you should start packing your bags!

Should we worry about the 2023 JK asteroid? Is it a threat to Earth? Can it destroy our precious planet? Keep reading to find out!

The 2023 JK asteroid poses no threat

2023 JK won’t hit our planet. Instead, it will pass by at a considerable distance tomorrow, May 21. That means that there’s no use considering to move to Mars or to another galaxy if you somehow have that chance. Earth will remain a relatively safe place for us after May 21 if you rule out the wars, poverty, corruption, earthquakes, and the omnipresent ads from websites.

Jokes aside, for now! Although 2023 JK is pretty big, it has no intention of hitting us if, somehow, astronomers didn’t miscalculate the object’s trajectory tremendously. But we should definitely trust astronomers!

To provide a sense of scale, the estimated diameter of the 2023 JK asteroid is roughly 64 meters. That’s equivalent to almost 18 adult male Pacific walruses that lie flat on their bellies, while having their heads and tusks tucked down. Walruses are well-known for their considerable weight, ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 kilograms. Consequently, the 2023 JK asteroid is expected to be even heavier.

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