Treat Your Itchy Eyes and Stop Sneezing With These Home Remedies For Allergies

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If you’ve never suffered from allergies, well, good for you, but if you have struggled with them your whole life, it’s a huge advantage to know what works quickly to alleviate allergy symptoms. What you need to know about natural allergy treatments, as well as suggestions for dealing with allergy season and the all-year-long allergies that can strike at any time, discover below.

If you have questions or worries about your health, don’t hesitate to consult a specialist!

Allergies: 5 Easy Remedies

There are several OTC drugs available, such as nasal sprays and antihistamines, but they aren’t necessarily the most effective, are they?! There are a number of effective home treatments for allergies. Check out a selection of only a few home remedies you might want to rely on from time to time:

1. Prepare your bedroom for allergy season

Making your bed with ‘allergy-safe’ sheets might be quite helpful if you suffer from dust mite allergies. In addition, having dust mite coverings for your pillows and mattress and regularly dusting your home would make your life much simpler.

2. Consume raw, local honey

Since pollen from plants is a major contributor to seasonal allergies, eating raw honey from the area where you live could assist in minimizing allergic symptoms. Amy Myers, MD, explains:

This allows your adaptive immune system to recognize the pollen instead of responding with inflammation the way it would a foreign invader; the adaptive immune system is like a computer and learns to recognize bacteria and viruses over time.

3. Use a probiotic with many strains

Probiotics are extremely good bacteria that naturally occur in the stomach and encourage a healthy immune response, which, guess what, in turn, helps to alleviate allergy symptoms. Discuss with your doctor what probiotics you should take!

4. Install a HEPA filter

While you have little say over the quality of the air outside your house, you may take steps to improve the one inside. The key is to install a high-efficiency (HEPA) air filtration system, which traps extremely small particles.

5. A saline solution in a Neti Pot

If you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergies and don’t mind the feeling of water running up your nose, a Neti Pot can be a lifesaver. You’ll see how comfortable the process will be!

When to Go to the Doctor?

Schedule a visit right away with your primary care physician or an allergist if you discover that neither avoiding allergens nor using any of the available over-the-counter treatments for allergies has alleviated your symptoms.


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