Canada Has An Underwater Volcano That is Still Active; What Do Researchers Think About it?

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Because of the area’s exceptionally tiny, active, and nearshore tectonic plates, the deep sea of British Columbia (BC) is home to an enormous concentration of three remarkable ecosystems which is unique and incredible. These ecosystems are hydrothermal vents, seamounts, and cold seeps. A mesmerizing wrap-up film of the once-in-a-lifetime scientific journey to the submerged volcano that was thought to be dormant was produced by the team of the 2023 Northeast Pacific Deep-sea journey. You may watch it down below and continue reading more about the story.

Our expedition was unprecedented; […] The discoveries we made and our personal encounters with deep-sea animals have left us speechless, explained marine biologist Cherisse Du Preez from Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

One of the primary goals of the mission was to provide evidence in favor of conservation efforts related to a planned marine protected area known as Tang.wan axwiqak Tsigis. The name is a mashup of phrases from a variety of Indigenous peoples, who, in conjunction with the government of Canada, would be responsible for the management of the maritime protected area.

At levels of up to 3,200 meters (10,500 feet)below, life in all three of British Columbia’s deep-sea biodiversity hotspots was studied by a scientific expedition for the very first time. As a consequence, “never-before-seen behaviors” were uncovered and documented. It definitely looks like nothing we’ve seen before! All these creatures in their massive ocean castle, creating some of the most intriguing scenarios, are definitely things to remember forever.

One of the species of skate, known as B. spinosissima, lives within a depth range of 2,600 to 9,500 feet, making it one of the deepest existing species of skate. The ocean is a wondrous place, and its undersea ecosystems and the remarkable creatures that call them home never cease to amaze and captivate us.

What are your thoughts about such an expedition?

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