5 Smart Ways to Organize Your Kitchen and Get Rid of Unnecessary Stuff

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It is difficult to let go of things, isn’t it?! It doesn’t matter how many things you have crammed into your kitchen; the feeling is the same. It could feel like an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to be in a hurry to have items organized in the kitchen, even if there are a lot of items there. Find your rhythm while taking tiny steps, and then select what will remain and what will be eliminated. If you’re trying to free up some space in your kitchen, whether you’re doing so because you have a tiny kitchen, because you’re planning to downsize your kitchen, or just because you want to make more room, the following mini-guide, along with some helpful suggestions and methods, is here to assist you.

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Before beginning to organize a kitchen, the first step that any professional would instruct you to take is to declutter it, and this is true no matter how many things you have. Mary Jurek, an interior designer and the president of Mary Jurek Design, explains:

Decluttering is a process, so it’s important to take your time and be patient with yourself. Start by taking everything out of your cabinets and drawers so you can see what you have and decide what to keep. Be honest with yourself and only hold onto things that you use regularly.

With that being said, let’s explore our options!

1. Examine each of your kitchen’s electronics

Even though they are notorious for taking up a lot of room, large appliances really account for a significant portion of the “stuff” that we find in our kitchens. Determine what should stay and what shouldn’t. You should strive to minimize the number of appliances you really use on a daily basis to a minimum.

2. Get support from the little kitchen organizers

When it comes to kitchen storage solutions that are prone to clutter, making an investment in the appropriate kitchen organizers may make all the difference. Consider installing kitchen cabinets or drawers, or go with less permanent alternatives like stackable risers or arranging pots and pans.

3. What about food?

How many different kinds of food do you have stashed away in your kitchen? It is important to do a stock check regardless of whether or not you are arranging a tiny kitchen since enough space for storing food should be a top priority.

4. Get help from some portable storage space

Utilizing portable furniture is unquestionably one of the most beneficial ways to take advantage of more countertops or storage space. If you are certain that you are not storing as much as you need to in the kitchen, but you still do not have enough room, it may be worthwhile to examine more flexible solutions for storing food there.

5. Limit or avoid stockpiling

Whenever acquiring new items for your kitchen is involved, including appliances, accessories, or even food, you should always check if you already have something similar or if you’re actually going to use it daily.. Keep your kitchen organized by doing frequent audits of its contents and rearranging its components as necessary.

Do you have any suggestions about how to properly organize a kitchen? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience!

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