3 Best Scalp Massages to Try and Reduce Stress

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You probably already know that getting a scalp massage may help relieve tension and anxiety, but did you realize that it can also encourage hair growth? If performed properly, a scalp massage may accomplish all of those things and even more. The fact that you don’t need to travel to a professional hair salon or a spa facility in order to have one of these massages is the feature that offers the most value. You may experiment with it in your own house and get just as good of results!

We have compiled a useful little guide that will walk you through the top three scalp massage techniques that you can try right away.

What Are Some of the Best Massage Techniques For the Scalp?

1. Start with the temples

Warm your oil (you may pick any oil products you prefer or those that your hairstylist recommended to you) between your palms and line them with each temple, softly pushing the heels of your palms into the sensitive parts before moving in circular patterns. This should be done before you begin kneading your scalp. Why is it required to do this?

Your temples are one of your best relaxation receptors. Gently rubbing the temples is a great way of focusing and grounding, so focus on that area to help put down your roots, explains Adam Reed, hairstylist and founder of ARKIVE Headcare.

2. Massage the area using both your fingers and a brush

Put a substantial quantity of oil on your hands and massage it into your scalp. If you have a really thick head of hair, you might want to split it off first. To get the most out of your massage, make sure you follow these steps:

  • A light gliding motion of the fingertip
  • A slow, kneading-like motion
  • Consistent motion in a circle
  • A light and slow rubbing motion
  • Tap-tap action with a light touch

After doing that from two to six times, take the detangling brush. Start detangling your hair the way you normally would, using large strokes that go from front to back.

3. A rinsing with ice-cold water

After finishing your scalp massage, you should give your head a good rinsing to remove any residual substance. Wash your hair as usually, and then rinse it with cold water. Why cold water, you may ask? Not only does rinsing the hair with cool water assist the scalp in keeping the moisture it already has, but it also helps seal the cuticles of the hair and keeps moisture inside the strands.

What’s your favorite scalp/ hair massage you’ve tried so far? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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