Why Manifesting More Money Isn’t Actually Great? New Study Explains

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The practice of manifesting a variety of stuff throughout our lives is quite helpful. Researchers from the University of Queensland in Australia devised quite the thing in the form of a scale of belief in manifestation. They also succeeded in conducting three tests with a total of 1,023 people hailing from the United States. It doesn’t seem like our usual studies, doesn’t it?! As a culture, we place financial success, physical attractiveness, and notoriety on top. As a result, we are more driven than ever before to accomplish these sorts of objectives, even if it means sacrificing common sense and logic in the process. Or at least that’s what the new study suggests. Do you engage in the process of manifestation?

Find all the details below.

Even when they find themselves in difficult financial conditions, believers in the law of manifestation remain steadfast in their commitment to their beliefs. The researchers believe that this might put individuals in danger of placing an excessive amount of faith in risky investments such as Bitcoin and quick-riches scams.

Those who scored higher on our manifestation scale perceived themselves as more successful, had stronger aspirations for success, and believed they were more likely to achieve future success; […] But they were also more likely to be drawn to risky investments, have experienced bankruptcy, and dangerously believed they could achieve an unlikely level of success more quickly, explained Lucas Dixon, a psychology researcher at the University of Queensland.

At the same time, the group accepts that positive thinking and optimism may be helpful psychologically in some situations – so long as such mental approaches do not become too disconnected from reality. In other words, the team believes that positive thinking and optimism can be helpful psychologically in certain situations.

Because there is no proof that manifestation works, and some data relates it to more precarious financial conditions, the research team advises care when it comes to following the tactics of manifestation gurus and experts. In conclusion, please exercise caution when it comes to manifestation or other related stuff recommended by different gurus or experts.

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