Causes of the Opioid Epidemic in the United States

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It looks like the United States are being hit by an opioid epidemic, the state of New Hampshire seeing an increased number of addicts than usual. One has to wonder what is causing this epidemic. The easiest way to obtain opioids is by getting your hands on a subscription of painkillers. SO by now most people are wondering how did this all start and escalate to this level. Moreover, some people do not know the real effects that opium has on the human body. Read on to find out more on this topic.

Cause of the opioid epidemic

This may have all started back in the day when doctors, with only good intentions at heart, would prescribe painkiller that had opioids to patients who were suffering from a lot of pain. This escalated very quickly, with the pharmaceutical companies releasing a lot of different painkiller options that had opioids.

This epidemic is not focused on one particular class; it seems to be applicable to almost every stratum of society. However, we have seen that this is mostly a white phenomenon. This could be explained by the fact that almost 40 years ago the black community in the US was suffering from the effect of the heroin and crack epidemic so drug abuse has become something that is stigmatized among these groups.

So how do people get hooked on it? Well, statistics show that people usually get addicted to opioids from pills. This could escalate into a heroin addiction which later on in life could lead to an addiction to fentanyl.

The problem is that people can make fentanyl in their homes, buying the ingredients that they need and creating the drug for their selves. So far it looks like the epidemic could get even worse and that prevention, aid and educating people on the disastrous effects of opioids can help solve this problem.

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