National Nutrition Week: Top Foods Before Workout

If you were wondering why there are so many articles about nutrition lately, it’s because this week is National Nutrition Week in India! It doesn’t really matter what country you live in, as long as you regularly eat as healthy as possible. So, until 7 September, you’ll undoubtedly be flooded with top nutrition tips that will keep you fit and happy for the next months.

Best Foods To Eat before Workout

When it comes to physical activity like running, attending a fitness schedule or weightlifting, nutrition experts recommend some great meals before your workout that can be incorporated in your diet. When you exercise and aim to lose some weight, it’s very important to consume the right food to keep you fueled for workout and give you the strength to carry on.

If you plan on losing some weight, here are the most nutrient-packed foods to eat so you can exercise better and recover faster from your workout.

Fruits: Bananas, Mangoes, Blueberries, and Apricots

Bananas are rich in potassium, which do wonders for the muscle and adds some carbs to fuel your workout. Mangoes increase the energy levels fast. They also contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.

Blueberries mixed with oatmeal are a protein boost your body will be thankful for. Muscles need proteins so that they don’t start breaking down while you work out!

Apricots are rich in vitamins and are great for heart health and bones. Mix them with cottage cheese, and you got the best recipe that also contains protein and casein to help with body-building.

Veggies and Eggs

Last but not least, eggs with avocado toast are amazing! The eggs are filled with protein, the avocado is that super veggie everyone swears by and toast will also keep you full and energized for the workout session.

Always eat before workout so that your body can use the proteins and carbs to tone your body, build those muscles and lose the fat!

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