Are You Following A Keto Diet? Then You MUST Eat Cauliflower

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A keto diet, also known that ketogenic, is one of the most popular ones lately and, apparently, the most successful diets. Characterized by low carbohydrates consumption, but high healthy fats intake, a keto diet can seem bizarre for many. Now, while there are some foods you can consume and others you are not allowed to, you MUST eat cauliflower, no matter what, because it would help you lose weight faster.

This type of diet involves reducing the carbohydrate intake and substituting carbs with healthy fats. A low carbs consumption places your organism into a metabolic state which is called ketosis and is characterized by an enhanced fat burning process, as your body will consume more adipose tissue to convert it into energy.

Also, a ketogenic diet helps your liver transform the fats into the so-called ketones which provide more vital energy to the brain. Besides, the ket diet will also be useful to reduce your blood sugar levels and insulin resistance.

You MUST eat cauliflower if you’re following a keto diet

Cauliflower is an essential vegetable, but most people overlook it and ignore it, while others just don’t like its taste and refuse to introduce it into their diet. However, cauliflower is very nutritious. While it only has 25 calories, cauliflower is a vegetable rich in vitamin C and high levels of vitamin K, vitamin B 1, vitamin B 2 and B 6. Besides, it’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, fiber, biotin, choline, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, manganese, and pantothenic acid.

Once your body digests cauliflower, the sulforaphane in this cruciferous vegetable (also included in others, like broccoli) activates cytoprotective pathways, leading to better cellular protection from oxidative stress.

You can eat cauliflower while following a keto diet along with eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, meat, other low-carb vegetables, avocados, coconut oil, butter, nuts, berries, and seafood.

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